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header soferet - Rachel Reichhardt, Soferet Stam

Rachel Reichhardt, Soferet Stam

  |   Institutional, Notables

On April 9, we were privileged to be visited by Rachel Reichhardt, who analyzed our Sifrei Torah.

It was exciting to hear the comments she was making not only about the tikkum of each torah, but also about the whole meaning of the way some letters are so laboriously designed. The quality of the skin used also has its stories.

It was an unexpected class. We became richer not only with her visit but also with the knowledge she gave us. She promised to come back, and when she said goodbye she said she felt like she was also part of our community.

God bless her!

The First Woman in the World to Receive a Scribe Diploma

Rachel Reichhardt participated in TEDx and told about her career as the first woman in the world to receive a Scribe Diploma. The story is exciting, be sure to watch!

Rachel has a degree in visual communication at FAAP, São Paulo, and is accredited as a Soferet Stam (scribe of sacred manuscripts of Judaism) at the Latin American Rabbinic Seminary in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She studied Jewish calligraphy at the Pardes Institute in Jerusalem where she wrote her first scroll, the “Esther’s Scroll”, and she also studied Jewish Education, at the Melton Center at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, in Israel. She participated in the project of the first Torah written by women in the world (, and she is the only woman in this office in Latin America. She worked for 15 years in the Jewish Congregation of Brazil, together with Rabbi Nilton Bonder, teaching Judaism and coordinating a study group for women. In São Paulo, she works at the Shalom Community, coordinating the youth education department and teaching Torah courses for adults, Jewish mystics and mussar (ethics). [source]

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