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shabbat shalom - Kabbalat Shabbat in Times of Pandemic

Kabbalat Shabbat in Times of Pandemic

  |   Institutional, Judaism

In these troubled times when we are hit by a merciless pandemic and when we see the life and routine of every each of us altered and limited, Ohel Jacob has always been present in the lives of its members, because, in reality, the sense of Community is being together and available to each other.

Initially from home, we celebrated  Kabbalat Shabbat together, with the online presence of members from various parts of the country and the world, and the Community chose to read Siddur in Portuguese, Hebrew and English, in a different sharing, but in a different way, with deep connection.

At this moment when society is gradually rehearsing the experience of a gradual deconfinement, we are celebrating Kabbalat Shabbat from the Synagogue (with the maximum attendance of six people) and transmitting online to all members. who wish to participate.

History has proven the experience of Jewish Religiosity is always possible and, in a world where technology can serve to bring us closer, we can and must use it, so that we all stay together.

ohel - Kabbalat Shabbat in Times of Pandemic
The synagogue of Progressive rite, the only Askenazi synagogue in Portugal, founded in 1934. Affiliate member of EUPJ/WUPJ (European Union of Progressive Judaism/World Union of Progressive Judaism) since April 2016.