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hist1 - Renewal and Growth - A New Stage in the Ohel Jacob Synagogue

Renewal and Growth – A New Stage in the Ohel Jacob Synagogue

  |   Institutional

The Board Election held on January 30, 2019, announced a new stage in the life of Ohel Jacob Synagogue. The Directive Board now has Paula Vieira as President, Eduardo Oliveira and Adriana Souza, has Secretary and Treasurer respectively, and Ana Sherer and Leonor Gama has Vowels.

Unanimously elected, the new leadership presented as an ambitious project of renewal and growth as an argument , pointed to the establishment the identity of the Synagogue and the progressive involvement of the whole community in religious and cultural activities.

The creation of a new Sidur, based on the individuality of our Community, the recovery of the Portuguese Rite, the promotion of Jewish Religion Classes and the increase of our Religious Services were some of the proposals presented.

In addition, the newly elected Directive Board desires an Ohel Jacob open for communication, outside of it´s borders and with active social participation. The new Board will target the engagement of a dynamic and continuous dialogue with the various Jewish Communities in Portugal and with society overall as one of it´s goals, accepting the challenge of the current globalizing society, which stimulates the approach and impels the understanding of the whole.

The meeting to be held on 5 February will mark the turning point. The definition of the lines of action, the assignment of folders to each of the members of the Board and the scheduling of the new program will be the key points to be addressed.

And to ensure the implementation of its proposals, the new Board of the Ohel Jacob Synagogue already has the active participation of all its members. The life of a community is based on the presence and involvement of all!

Congratulations to the new Directive Board!

ohel - Renewal and Growth - A New Stage in the Ohel Jacob Synagogue
The synagogue of Progressive rite, the only Askenazi synagogue in Portugal, founded in 1934. Affiliate member of EUPJ/WUPJ (European Union of Progressive Judaism/World Union of Progressive Judaism) since April 2016.