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Guided Visits
header lisitsa 1 - Rabbi Alona Lisitsa Visit, 30 e 31 of August

Rabbi Alona Lisitsa Visit, 30 e 31 of August

  |   Institutional, Judaism

On the 30 e 31 we will have the presence of Rabi Alona Lisitsa who will spend Shabat Ree with us.

“Eight and a half years ago my husband and I came to Portugal for the first time. May is a beautiful time for vacation. We spent some days in Lisbon before starting north. As we stayed for shabbat, I started looking for a non-orthodox synagogue to join for Kabbalat Shabbat and found Ohel Jacob. And the rest is history. Three years after that we have started a conversion class. And after two years Ohel Jacob joint officially the EUPJ. Since my first visit, I have been a rabbinic reference for Ohel Jacob’s members and board. I came to interview the candidates and marry a couple, and we celebrated Rosh Hashanah together. Lately I’ve not been able to come and much of our contact was online. We met in person in the beit din in London or on other international occasions. This year I was able to come, unfortunately could not stay for the High Holidays. But we can plan for the future. I would like to invite you all to use this opportunity provided by the generosity of the EUPJ and study, pray and plan for the future together.”

Rabbi Alona Lisitsa

Her presence is possible due to the generosity of the EUPJ that provides her visit to Lisbon, which we thank you very much.

The services that will take place during her stay will be:

August 30

  • 20:00 Shabbat Cabalat Service

August 31

  • 10:00 Shacharit of Shabbat and Rosh Kodesh
  • 07:30 Since it is Rosh Kodesh Elul there will be a study on slihot
  • 08:07 Havdalah and mini slihot, and Motzei Shabbat

For more info, contact us!

ohel - Rabbi Alona Lisitsa Visit, 30 e 31 of August
The synagogue of Progressive rite, the only Askenazi synagogue in Portugal, founded in 1934. Affiliate member of EUPJ/WUPJ (European Union of Progressive Judaism/World Union of Progressive Judaism) since April 2016.