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Progressive Judaism | EUBD

For those who seek to experience and consolidate their Jewish roots through conversion or return to Judaism, the Synagogue Ohel Jacob provides the Conversion Course with the guidance of Rabbi Alona Lisitsa, through EUBD – European Union of Beit Din. This is not an easy process, but one that is possible and rewarding. The process is under the inclusive approach and compassionate perspective fuelled by Progressive Judaism. One of the main aspects for a successful conversion is the involvement of the candidate in a local community since Judaism is a religion based on the community concept (official and participated).

The Beit Din is a Religious Jewish Court that organizes and ensures that all processes of
conversions are legitimate. It also issues and keeps records, surveys and documentation.
The Progressive Beit Din is founded based on the Jewish tradition and Halachah ( Jewish Law) taking into account the importance that Reform Judaism has always stressed on the personal choices based on commitment and Jewish knowledge.


Whether you want to start the Conversion Course, either to obtain any additional information – questions or advice -, please feel free to contact us.


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Ohel Jacob
The synagogue of Progressive rite, the only Askenazi synagogue in Portugal, founded in 1934. Affiliate member of EUPJ/WUPJ (European Union of Progressive Judaism/World Union of Progressive Judaism) since April 2016.